A special message from Pastor Tom

Dear Friends in Christ: 

As I conclude my tenure as your Senior Pastor, I want to say once again how very thankful I am for the congregation of HLUMC. The recent generosities you have shown me—the retirement party, the last worship service, the love offering and the signed picture—are but the latest of many wonderful gifts I have received from the deep wells of your generosity. 

I remain—as I hope I have adequately expressed—even more thankful for your amazing “pastoral care” of me during my difficult season of cancer, multiple surgeries, and painful recuperations. The saints in Philippi have nothing on you guys! Hard as the last 40 months have been for me, personally, you have been a great blessing to me in the midst of all of it. 

I have loved my nine years here. I wish I could have held out a little longer. But I love HLUMC more than I have loved my ministry here, and am thankful for the leadership and spirit the Martin family will bring with them. They embody the promise of God’s future for this wonderful congregation. 

I leave for Spartanburg with a full heart and a serene spirit. I do not know all of what will happen in days to come—for you or me—but I am very sure that each of you, that I and my family, and this church that we love so much, will live in, experience and prosper by the  

Peace of Christ, 


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