All Are Welcome

All are welcome in this place…as many have heard there were significant votes taken at the UM General Conference this past week.  While we at Hawthorne Lane remain faithfully United Methodist we also stand strong in our commitment to welcoming all to God’s table.  We know we are called to Be Disciples, Make Disciples, and Transform Lives and we will continue to work toward that goal each and everyday of our life in community together.  We are passionate about worshipping together, about growing in our faith together, and serving together…We invite you to come and join us!  gay or straight, black or white, democrat or republican, rich or poor …ALL…ALL are welcome in this place and at Christ’s table.  The words to “Welcome” by Mark Miller and Laurie Zelman say it best…

Let’s talk together of a time when we will share a feast
where pride and power kneel to serve the lonely and the least
and joy will set the table as we join our hands to pray,
singing welcome, welcome to this place
you’re invited to come and know God’s grace,
all are welcome, the love of God to share
’cause all of us are welcome here,
all are welcome in this place.

(Words by Laurie Zelman and Mark Miller, 2007)

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