Canoeing the Mountains

Friends— Thanks, again, for your willingness to come together to talk about Canoeing the Mountains, Hawthorne Lane, and our future ministries together.

One goal of our discussions, of course, is to help us discover those leaders who can help guide us and to begin to dream and act upon God directed and God sized plans for being the church in this community. If you are interested in participating in these discussions we would love for you to join us! We will use the Study Guide, beginning on page 231, to help us reflect on what we read/re-read. Please do the reading and reflecting before you come.

The plan for the fall:

Wednesday, September 5: 9:45 and 6:45: Tom’s Town Hall for review and revisiting

The rest of the sessions will be on Sundays following worship either in the coffee lounge with lunch or off site at a restaurant.

*September 23: Session 1: Reading: Chapter 1, “Trail Map” intro (pp. 231-234), Study 1 (pp. 234-236).
*October 7: Session 2: Reading: Chapters 2 and 3, Study 2 (pp. 237-239)
*November 4: Session 3: Reading: Chapters 4-6, and Study 3 (pp. 239-241)
*November 18: Session 4: Reading: Chapters 7-11, and Study 4 (pp. 241-244)
*December 2: Session 5: Reading: Chapters 12-13, and Study 5 (pp. 244-246)
* December 16: Session 6: Reading: Chapters 14-15, and Study 6 (pp. 247-250).

Each session will last 90 minutes. Hope you will get the book to read and join us for meaningful discussion.

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