Years ago, we all learned that a church is both a house of worship and those who worship in it and generations after generations have worshipped inside our hallowed and holy walls.   But, folks, our hallowed walls are rotting because the rain is coming through and extensive water penetration is causing the damage all of us have noticed.

For some it may sound impossible but, after 100+ years of cold winters, hot summers, winds, storms and just time itself, the mortar joints have crumbled, decayed and simply fallen out.  Rain penetrates our brick walls and then unbinds the plaster.  We have reserves and some early donations to cover about two-thirds of the cost to repair our sanctuary walls but we still need about $250,000.

In ancient temples, a cornerstone was of great importance as it bound together the sides of a building.   Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of our lives but this holy building ties us to Him and that’s why we have chosen the Cornerstone Project as the name for our once-in-100-year repair of God’s House.

One-time donations as well as 2- and 3-year pledges are welcomed and we accept cash, checks, credit cards, appreciated stock, required minimum distributions, grants from donor advised and family gift funds and matching funds from employers.

Together, we can preserve these hallowed and holy walls for our children’s grandchildren and beyond.

Will you help?  Please think in terms of a special 2- or 3-year pledge and please be generous. Share your plans to help here.

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