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Sandwiches for Roof Above February 2021


February 24
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Roof Above needs 800+ sandwiches every day. We at HLUMC can help even when we cannot be together! Sign up to make 25 sandwiches and bring them to the church Evans Hall on Wednesday, February 24th. The sandwiches will be delivered mid-morning on Thursday the 25th. If 25 is too many, just put how many you can do in the comment. Any amount will help!

Please write the total number of sandwiches you deliver to the church on the outside of your bag to facilitate a quick and accurate count.

Roof Above Guidelines:
– Use soft white or whole wheat sandwich bread and no heels, please.
– Ham, turkey, roast beef or bologna meat sandwiches with cheese are popular with our neighbors. Use best judgment on number of slices per sandwich, but we are looking to serve hardy sandwiches. If you must choose between making fewer sandwiches and making better sandwiches, please choose better! Think about the sandwich YOU would like to eat at lunch.
– No mayonnaise or mustard on the sandwiches and do not add lettuce or tomato. Individual packets of condiments are very much appreciated.
– Peanut Butter & Jelly is a popular choice, but do not store as well as other sandwiches. Please limit the number of PB&J sandwiches delivered and make sure they are individually bagged and delivered soon after making them.
– Our neighbors love egg salad, but pimento cheese is not as well received.
– Please place sandwiches in individual baggies and keep meat, cheese and egg salad sandwiches refrigerated until delivered.


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