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FINALLY – after a year of waiting we are having in person worship at HLUMC. We will be distanced and masked with some rules to keep us all safe but we are all so very excited that we can come back into our worship space. Worship is at 10:30 in person. (ONLINE – it begins at 10:40). See below the expectations and precautions we are making.

  • All worshippers and leaders must wear a mask. Leaders will speak and sing in masks. The preacher will be behind plexiglass in order to preach without a mask.
  • Worshippers are invited to arrive by the staff conference room door (facing the parking lot) or the two main entrances. The Office door will be blocked off.
  • Worshippers will be seated by the ushers to ensure safe distancing (this means you may not get your preferred seat or the place you have always sat – remember we are trying to take care of one another)
  • Worshippers will be escorted out row by row during the postlude when worship is over.
  • We will not have a bulletin. We will not pass the peace in the traditional way or pass the offering plate (although we still want you to give!). Baskets will be at the doors.
  • Our pastors will stand outside to greet worshippers after the service is over.
  • Please refrain from hand shaking, hugging, touching…an elbow or fist bump is the way to go. Remember we want to do our part to not spread Covid.
  • Worshippers will be allowed to sit together in families but those not related are asked to distance. EVEN if you have had the vaccine we request that you continue to distance until the CDC says its safe to return to lighter restrictions.
  • Please be patient with our leaders! We are all trying out best to do what is right. Most of all we want to provide a place for us all to worship God safely and free from distractions. As we learn what works we will tweak our procedures as we go.
  • We are looking forward to seeing you Sunday either in person or online!
  • Questions – Email Pastor Carrie
Carrie Wright

Rev Carrie A. Wright Minister of Worship Arts / Associate Pastor

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