Are you like me – feeling overwhelmed trying to remember everyone’s schedule details?  When is practice?  Who’s staying after school today?  Who needs to get a project completed?  WAIT its a half day???  I’m so there…

So instead of bombarding you everytime I think of something I’m sending a weekly YOUTH news email.  I’ll put the upcoming requests and info first and then the dates/calendar at the bottom.  Maybe it will help us!

Some things for you to know this week…

*We are working really hard to rally our middle school youth together so they can build relationships and want to come – help me by making space in your schedule for youth, faith, prayer…and just being together with their church family.

*All youth are invited to sit in the balcony together in the  “youth section”.  It’s not required but a fun way to build relationships.  Also the Youth Lounge will be open @ 10ish for gathering and grabbing a cup of hot chocolate before worship. Meg/Doug will be there as well.

*We need a parent to provide/organize dinner for the youth gathering this sunday.  Thank you Katie and Krista for taking the last two!

*We’ve been requested to hand out water again for the Elizabeth 8k. April 30. We need a parent volunteer to help organize if we are going to do this.  Who can help?

*Its tradition that the youth take a trip or at least eat out after youth sunday.  We need a parent to organize something for us – any ideas?  Anyone have a pool or access to a lake house or have an idea for another activity?  May 15th.

Email or text me with what you can help with!  Thank you ALL!

April 3 All Youth Gathering 4-6pm
April 6 5:30-7:30pm M3 – working on youth sunday and a MISSION Project 

APRIL 10-17 Spring Break  

April 20 11:30-1pm Senior High Girls Study 
April 20 4-6pm Middle School Youth Gathering  
April 27 5:30-7:30pm M3 – working on youth sunday and a MISSION Project   
MAY 1 4-6pm ALL YOUTH Gathering, working on Youth Sunday  
May 4 5:30-7:30pm M3 – working on youth sunday and a MISSION Project  
May 8 – Honor Your Mamma today!  
May 11 5:30-7:30pm M3 – working on youth sunday  
May 15 YOUTH SUNDAY!  NEED everyone here for this sunday.  We will lead worship, honor our seniors, and hopefully do a fun activity after. 
May 18 MAY FEST – Food and Singing outside for the last Wednesday night of the season  
May 21 11:30-1pm Senior High Girls Study 4-6pm Middle School Youth Gathering

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