Mask UP for Worship

Here we go again! We had so hoped we could keep going in the right direction clearing Covid out of our country and God’s world but not quite so fast. Sadly not enough have been vaccinated YET and the variant is taking over in a hurry. All that means though is that we must keep doing our part! If you’ve been vaccinated – put your mask back on to try to slow the spread as much as possible. And esp help keep our children safe who have not been able to be vaccinated yet. If you have not been vaccinated – go do it! Find a way – any way! I (Pastor Carrie) will personally give you a ride there and take you for ice cream on the way home if you’d like! Anything to keep our kids in school this year and to see less of our friends and family sick or even worse. (Pastor Tom probably would take you too but his leg is still out of commission for driving)

As for HLUMC worshipping? We are asking everyone to wear their mask when we have large group gatherings and especially for in person worship. Vaccinated or not we are inviting everyone to put it back on for the whole service. And we as leaders will set the example. It’s not about politics. It’s not about who’s right or wrong. It’s about doing EVERYTHING we do in LOVE. That’s what we are commanded to do – LOVE one another! Let’s do it by this one simple thing. The only exception is that when we preach OR when we sing solo we will take it off so you can hear better. Otherwise – mask ON for now!

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