TurnAround Toys

Each Sunday the HLUMC Children’s Ministry will be collecting “gently” used toys to donate to “Turn Around Toys” . We will have boxes in the sanctuary for children to place their used toys that they want to donate. This will be a VERY good teaching opportunity for our children to “let go” of a toy that has brought them joy in order to bring joy to another child. Collection will start DECEMBER 8.

Here is a bit of information about TurnAround Toys:

Turn Around Toys mission is to reach the unreachable; to give without condition and show the love of Jesus through gently used toys, books and stuffed animals.  Turn Around Toys is physically turning a toy from one child to another but its also about turning lives around as well.  Toys are very significant to a child as it teaches them social, emotional, and interactive skills.  We at Turn Around Toys want to help turn lives one toy at a time.


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