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    LGBTQI+ Study

    Where True Love Is: An Affirming Devotional for LGBTQI+ Christians and Their Allies by DeWitt Hall, Suzanne. Where True Love Is offers a 90-day Biblical exploration of God, scripture, the law, gender, sexuality, marriage, and more. After reading it, you’ll be able to offer a Bible-based defense of the validity of LGBTQI+ Christian faith. More […]

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    W.W.I.D. This season, we are asking the question … What Will I Do? What will I do in service in 2020? What will I do for others in 2020? What will I do in support of my church in 2020? In its most simple terms, stewardship is about taking care of both the world and […]

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    Join TEAM HLUMC!!!! Walk with us as we use our legs for HUNGER!!! Please click on the link below to sign up and any others walking with you. Each member of TEAM HLUMC will receive a free team t-shirt as long as they raise $20 in donations! We will wear our t-shirts for the walk […]

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    Loaves & Fishes

    TODAY – we still need 1233 non-perishable food items and toiletries to give to Loaves & Fishes. The Mission of Loaves & Fishes is to provide nutritionally balanced groceries to individuals and families in Charlotte-Mecklenburg who are in a short-term crisis. What seems so simple to us can make a huge difference to those most […]

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Welcome to Hawthorne Lane United Methodist!

The Peace of Christ be with you!

We are glad you have found our website. We hope you will linger for a while and discover a bit more about us and our ministries.

And just so you know… everyone is welcome at Hawthorne Lane.

Our mission at Hawthorne Lane is to Follow Jesus, Make Disciples, and Transform Lives. To fulfill our mission, we worship, we grow and we serve—our community, our city and even well beyond the local. We give, we share, we pray. We want to talk like Jesus, love like Jesus, live like Jesus, to be raised with Jesus. This is a great and growing community of faith in the heart of Elizabeth near Uptown Charlotte.

We hope you will want to come experience the energy, the excitement, the intergenerational joy of ministry at Hawthorne Lane. In worship, fellowship, study, prayer, service and just friendly conversation, God’s voice is heard in in this wonderful, beautiful place.

I hope to see you soon.

The Peace of Christ be with you,

Pastor Tom


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